What is FASBEE

The official site recognized by Japanese brands!
Customers overseas can also purchase securely!

No need for complicated purchasing procedure!


    by Japanese brands!
  • EASY

    Purchase by 3 steps!
    Flat-rate shipping for each country!

    Cheaper than purchasing
    at the store of your country!
  • 撮影


    by Japanese brands!

    Since we are recognized by Japanese brands officially, we guarantee that all the items are genuine! You can delete card information after placing order to ensure the security of the transaction!

  • 検品


    Purchase by 3 steps!
    Flat-rate shipping for each country!

    Pay when you order and all the procedure is completed! The complicated cross-border shopping can be done easily at FASBEE!

  • 計画的な出費、貯金箱


    Cheaper than purchasing
    at the store of your country!

    FASBEE is a shopping site that cooperates with the brands officially! Therefore, you don't have to worry about the authenticity and we will ship the item to you securely and safely!

5 Benefits of FASBEE

What's good? 5 points!

Fans of Japanese fashion, here we come!
FASBEE is a cross-border shopping site that allows you to buy securely, cheaply and speedily from overseas!
Come and enjoy the best shopping experience at FASBEE!

  1. Only one payment!

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    Pay when you order and then just wait for the package arrival! You can also delete payment information after order completed so there won't be security issue!

  2. Flat-rate shipping!

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    Flat-rate shipping!

    About Shipping Fee

  3. Purchase with lower price than in your country!

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    Recognized by the brands officially! Cheaper than buying at your country!

  4. Secure and shipping on the same day by EMS at the earliest!

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    Fast and secure shipping by EMS! Package could be shipped on the same day at the earliest based on the item!

  5. Plenty of Japanese brands available!

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    Official cooperation with more than 2,800 Japanese brands! Offers a plenty of items officially and rivals to other cross-border shopping sites!


Free Shipping Campaign!!

Free shipping!!
Until the end of February 2020

Notice for Free Shipping campaign

  • The maximum amount of each order is 200,000 JPY.
  • If the total amount of the items you want to purchase exceeds 200,001 JPY, please place order separately.
  • The custom duty and other relevant fee charged by local custom will be afforded by customer.

* The campaign period may change.

FASBEE User Feedback

Easy with 3 Step

Purchase by 3 steps!

Only 3 steps to purchase at FASBEE!
We do our best to let overseas customers to enjoy shopping and buy easily!
Register, purchase and pay,and we wil handle the rest works for you!

  • STEP.1 >>>

    Member registration!

    Member registration!
    No need for trivial information and procedure! Facebook registration is also possible!
    Register address!
    The registered address will be set as the shipping address when the order is placed
    Choose payment method and currency!
    You can pay by your preferred currency!
  • STEP.2 >>>


    Over 2,800 brands included!
    You can find current Japanese trend at FASBEE
    Translation provided on item page!
    Click the button above size・color and you can check item explanation in multiple languages!
    Add items to cart
    If you do not want to wait for the items that take longer to arrive at FASBEE warehouse, you can place order separately!
  • STEP.3 >>>


    Only one payment!
    No multiple payments of cross-border shopping, you only need to pay once!
    Flat-rate shipping!
    The more you buy, the more you save!
    Customer support with multiple languages!
    Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns

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