FASBEE has renewed our site from September 2020.

What's different?

①More than 2,800 brands at FASBEE now!
We added many new brands so there are more choices for buying fashion items now!
②Item page updated
If there are different color for the item, you can click the photo of other colors on the item page to check more photos.


Why some brands have disappeared?
Some brands which were unavailable temporarily after maintenance including Noela, 31 Sons de mode and so on have returned. However, for the brands cannot be find after Sep. 25, the items will not be sold on FASBEE site.
In addition, we may not announce previously when the brands stop selling on FASBEE. We kindly ask for your understanding.
Why the items in the shopping cart disappeared?
Due to system maintenance, the item URL has changed. Therefore, the items in the shopping cart are deleted as well.We apologize if there is any inconvenience caused and kindly ask for your understanding.