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  • It's like being in Japan! The fabric and product quality are impressive!

    まるで日本にいるかのような感覚で注文しちゃってました! 私が購入した商品は、想像より生地に厚みがあるニットで結構暖かいです。

    Japanese User Living in Canada

  • The large number of brands and high delivery speed is very helpful! I absolutely have to check the FASBEE website every week!


    Hong Kongese User

  • The product search function is satisfying and convenient. You can get the clothes that you like at a cheaper price than buying from other sites or agents!


    Taiwanese User

  • Even in the United States, where it's difficult to purchase Japanese fashion goods, I could easily buy from many popular brands!

    It's hard to purchase Japanese clothes in United States, however Fasbee provides a hassle-free overseas shopping experience and works very well.

    American User

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FASBEE User Recommended Brands

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I bought an INGNI sweater and skirt, but it was a free shipping campaign, so it was cheaper the normal proxy shopping price! In addition, they arrived just about 4 days after I made my order. I think the site is fairly intuitive and easy to use.

A brand favored by women who want value for money


I bought a titivate trench coat. FASBEE is a very useful site with a simple payment method that is easy to use even for overseas users.

Cute and comfortable clothes popular with Japanese adults


I bought Noela and 31 Sons de mode brand products this time. The clothes are well-made, and the order came packaged with a hanger and a garment cover.

Buy Japanese fashion items at home!
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